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Alternate podcasts considering channel queue lengths

I often use Alternate podcasts option with sorting by decreasing priority and increasing release date.

It works well with channels with similar length of their queued episodes. But with big difference of lengths, it has a side effect of prioritizing the short queues. Much newer episodes from shirt queues are played before older ones from longer queues. By other words, shorter the channel queue is, higher us the average item position in the playlist.

As a work around, I periodically "reshake" the playlist by turning "Alternate podcasts" OFF/ON and moving current episode to the top again.

The playlist ends by alternation of 2 longest channel queue, until the shorter one is used and only items from longest one remains.

IMHO, shorter queues may be wanted to be better spread along the whole playlist length.

I suggest to consider this (optional?) feature:

As the next playlist item would be the first item from sorted non alternating list, but not from the same channel as the previous item.

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  • Poutnik commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another option could be to internally implement a top sorting criteria
    as ratio of
    The number of channel episodes already placed in the playlist
    Total number of queed channel episodes.( Placed+to be placed)

    So channels 25/50 and 2/4 will be treated equally, and other sorting criteria will be evaluated.

    OTOH, for numbers below, the big channel would be preferred for the first case and small one for the second case.

    25/50 and 3/4
    25/50 and 1/4

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