How to get your podcast featured in the app (Paid promotion)

Podcast Addict allows you to get your podcast featured in the app via a paid advertisement.

There are 2 kinds of placement available. 
The 1st one is at the top of the screen that allows the user to add/find a new podcast. This will be the most expensive option.
The second one is a lot cheaper and is displayed at the top of a specific category when the user tries to browse the most popular podcasts by category.

Those promotions will be flagged as sponsored content, not to be mistaken with trending / popular podcasts.

The app will also use its own ad banner to promote the podcasts when there's no Google Admob ad to display.

You can promote podcasts in any language. 

Ads will run for a full month. Pricing depends on the selected option AND on the podcast language.
For languages less popular in the app, the price will be less than $1 / day

A platform is currently being developed to allow you to buy ad placements.
But for now, you will need to contact me to get more information and buy the placement. During this period, the cost will be down at least 50% compared to the future cost.

You will then have access to some statistics like the number of impressions, taps as well as the number of new subscriptions generated by the ad.

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