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    Just a heads up regarding the latest version of the app. It doesn’t provide cross device syncing yet, but it allows you to sign in to your Google Drive account and have all your data automatically backed up to make sure they are safe at all time. It also makes restoring the data on a new device really easy.
    You can go into Settings/Backup to enable this and sign-in

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    Derek Read commented  · 

    I've been a paid user for several years and would like to see a very specific subset of this feature:
    Help me back up episodes (or entire podcasts) that I have marked using the existing Podcast Addict "favourite" feature.

    Podcasts and specific episodes can disappear after some time so I like to back things up locally, and organize them in my own way so I can find them easily.

    Here's how I manage this today:
    1. Set Podcast Addict to save to a folder that my phone recognizes as "Podcasts" (this is for convenience for file navigation).
    2. Set "favourite" on any episodes that I want to keep.
    3. Delete all downloaded episodes. Podcast Addict keeps the favourites.
    4. Use the Google "Files" app to navigate to my podcast folder.
    5. Select episodes then "Share" them to Google Drive into a "Podcasts" folder there (usually making a new subfolder for each podcast as filenames are often not descriptive).
    Unfortunately, there is no way to "Share" an entire folder so this process can be tedious if I have set a lot of favourites.

    Getting everything to my PC or another device from Google Drive or other cloud services is generally trivial as they have good integrations for syncing that way, especially for PC.

    Automating steps 3 thru 5 would make things a lot easier.

    Essentially what I'd like to see is a button that lets me "Share" all favourite episodes, ideally preserving the subfolder they are stored in and adding that to a specific folder on Google Drive. I think to do this the coding would need to be quite specific and therefore less flexible. However, it might allow for folder preservation which would be nice.

    Alternatively, if there was simply a button available after I've selected an episode (in "Downloaded Episodes" perhaps) that would let me "Share" to Google Drive (or via any other app) that would be good enough. It would also potentially make the coding more flexible, allowing people to "Share" a file (or multiple files) with pretty much any other app on their device (if the app is coded to handle that). All of the cloud storage apps can as far as I know.

    If implemented like that it would mean not having to mark episodes as favourites anymore. Items I want to preserve could just be done immediately when I think of it, then removed from my phone.

    It looks like current versions of Android provide an API that helps with this "Share" feature:

    For an example (I think) in Google's Android version of their "Recorder" app you can select a recording then "Share" it and on Android 10 (on my phone) the following items are available:

    - send as a message to one of the three most recent people I sent messages to via Google Messages app
    - send via Google Messages app (select a contact in the app)
    - play to VLC
    - send as email attachment using Gmail
    - send to a connected Bluetooth device
    - send via the Google's Files app "hotspot" feature
    - Save to Google Drive
    - Save to a specific folder I recently used in Google Drive

    I only want to keep episodes I've marked as favourites, not all episodes, so using a backup manager or similar doesn't make sense. It would need to be able to read Podcast Addict's metadata.

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