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Customize update frequency per podcast.

There are certain podcasts that I don't want to check for updates every time the auto-update runs.

Either because the podcast is finished, and I only want to stay subscribed in case the podcast will use their feed to deliver me news of a new, similar podcast they're doing.

Or it's that I know that the podcast will not update more than a few times a year.

Would be cool if I could customize the frequency for each podcast. The same way I can disable updates altogether for certain podcasts.


You could justify this feature as part of an initiative to allow cutting back on battery/cpu cost.

There could also be an advanced option, where the app tries to predict the time a podcast updated, by looking at previous release times.

Additionally, you could use other people's anonymous data sharing, to see when a podcast has updated, and then send push notifications to all users that subscribed to that podcast with the update frequency set to "On-Demand"

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  • James commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Or just allow us to set a time to check for a specific podcast. I know when most off my podcasts update, so unless I go in and manually update it can be a few hours before my full update kicks in.

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