1. Getting Started...

  2. How can I backup my subscription & data ?

  3. How to submit your podcast?

  4. Playback keeps stopping on my Honor / Huawei device

  5. Playback keeps pausing/stopping every X seconds

  6. Podcasts fail to resume and/or seeking doesn't work

  7. Headphone recommendation

  8. My Samsung device skips a lot when streaming on Android 6.x

  9. I don't like the Ad Banner. How can I remove it ?

  10. The player notification is NOT displayed anymore on Android Wear devices

  11. I'm having 'Internal player: unknown error...' messages when trying to listen to a podcast

  12. Why do I only see 'X' episodes when I knwo there are more available ?

  13. Where can I find the app Settings ?

  14. It looks like the app is using too much battery...

  15. How to control Podcast Addict from 3rd parties apps using Intents (Tasker, AutomateIt, …) ?

  16. Automatic update doesn't work since Android 6.x

  17. What does the 'Invalid stored block lengths' error means?

  18. How to import your iTunes subscriptions ?

  19. How to use Chromecast feature ?

  20. How to subscribe to an iTunes Podcast (https://itunes.apple.com/...) ?

  21. How to subscribe to an authenticated/premium RSS feed ?

  22. How to join the Beta program ?

  23. How to disable Last.fm scrobbling ?

  24. How does the playlist / continuous playback work ?

  25. How to Download/Stream over a 3G/4G connection ?

  26. How to switch between devices or flash rom without losing your data ?

  27. How To open the app on the screen of your choice ?

  28. Some of my podcasts are showing a 'Podcast not yet initialized...' message

  29. How to store episodes on the SD card ?

  30. I can't find a specific podcast in the app

  31. App fails to show artwork and to load downloaded episodes after Android 6.0 update

  32. How to download episodes automatically ?

  33. Automatic cleanup isn't working

  34. How can I 'listen to' a video podcast

  35. How can I unsubscribe from a podcast ?

  36. I cannot add to the Playlist anymore / the 'add to playlist' button has disappeared

  37. How can I organize my podcasts ?

  38. How to customize settings per podcast

  39. How to customize podcast information like the name, artwork, categories, ... ?

  40. How can I listen to podcasts on my SONOS ?

  41. How to filter episodes ?

  42. Episode filtering doesn't work

  43. How to fix Playback stuttering issues

  44. Why aren't my episodes played in the playlist order ?

  45. How to search for a topic using an 'OK Google' voice command?

  46. How to I remove old episodes ?

  47. Does Podcast Addict support wearables ?

  48. How to subscribe to a SoundCloud podcast ?

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