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  1. App fails to show artwork and to load downloaded episodes after Android 6.0 update

  2. Automatic cleanup isn't working

  3. Automatic update doesn't work since Android 6.x

  4. Does Podcast Addict support wearables ?

  5. Episode filtering doesn't work

  6. Getting Started Guide

  7. Getting Started...

  8. Headphone recommendation

  9. How can I 'listen to' a video podcast

  10. How can I backup and restore my subscription & data ?

  11. How can I listen to podcasts on my SONOS ?

  12. How can I organize my podcasts ?

  13. How can I unsubscribe from a podcast ?

  14. How does the playlist / continuous playback work ?

  15. How to control Podcast Addict from 3rd parties apps using Intents (Tasker, AutomateIt, …) ?

  16. How to create a private RSS feed?

  17. How to customize podcast information like the name, artwork, categories, ... ?

  18. How to customize settings per podcast

  19. How to customize the podcasts order on the app main screen?

  20. How to disable scrobbling ?

  21. How to download episodes automatically ?

  22. How to Download/Stream over a 3G/4G connection ?

  23. How to filter episodes ?

  24. How to fix Playback stuttering issues

  25. How to get your podcast featured in the app (Paid promotion)

  26. How to I remove old episodes ?

  27. How to import your iTunes subscriptions ?

  28. How to improve visibility of your Patreon, Paypal, ... support url?

  29. How to join the Beta program ?

  30. How To open the app on the screen of your choice ?

  31. How to search for a topic using an 'OK Google' voice command?

  32. How to store episodes on the SD card ?

  33. How to submit your podcast?

  34. How to subscribe to a SoundCloud podcast ?

  35. How to subscribe to an authenticated/premium RSS feed ?

  36. How to subscribe to an iTunes Podcast ( ?

  37. How to use Chromecast feature ?

  38. How to use Time code in the episode show notes?

  39. I can't find a specific podcast in the app

  40. I cannot add to the Playlist anymore / the 'add to playlist' button has disappeared

  41. I don't like the Ad Banner. How can I remove it ?

  42. I wish to donate / How can I support the app ?

  43. I'm having 'Internal player: unknown error...' messages when trying to listen to a podcast

  44. It looks like the app is using too much battery...

  45. My Samsung device skips a lot when streaming on Android 6.x

  46. Playback keeps pausing/stopping every X seconds

  47. Playback keeps stopping on my Honor / Huawei device

  48. Podcasts fail to resume and/or seeking doesn't work

  49. Presentation of the app

  50. Privacy Policy

  51. Some of my podcasts are showing a 'Podcast not yet initialized...' message

  52. The player notification is NOT displayed anymore on Android Wear devices

  53. What does the 'Invalid stored block lengths' error means?

  54. Where can I find the app Settings ?

  55. Why aren't my episodes played in the playlist order ?

  56. Why do I only see 'X' episodes when I know there are more available ?

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