I wish to donate / How can I support the app ?

Some of you asked if there were a way to donate for the app.
First I would like to say: Thanks a lot !

The main way to support the app is to buy the Podcast Addict Donate app which is available on the Play Store and the Amazon App Store. It won't add any more feature, but it will remove the ads from the Podcast Addict app.

If you want to donate again/more, you can join Podcast Addict Patreon.

You can also donate using cryptocurrencies:

  - Bitcoin (BCT): 1M43f9AmrzhwFGKq5HLLt4h9pHMqdeCrqw
  - Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 1M7uyJo7jo2UqH4igsP9bidTQiokyqtkD6  
  - Ethereum (ETH): 0x8cB4dEECC529b4f6f322FAEec8E4E8a1881AfADc
  - Litecoin (LTC): LPuurd6VCbyUVzuRVUNWVtxJZwKcuK44J5

Thanks !

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