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I'm a BIG fan!!! And a very grateful user.

Hope this can make things even better:

There is a general issue with the return/go backwards functionality.

An example:

Right now I'm listening from episode 1 to episode 197 on a podcast. When I've listened to let's say episode 45, I'm thrown back at episode 197 (the very last...). Then I have to scroll all the way down to try 45 and look for 46. Time consuming. Obviously, users don't try to memorize the episode's number, so I often find myself hunting up and down after the episode I just listened to, and then look for the next of interest.

A fix would be a Back-button. That would help a lot in other scenarios too. It is a general problem that I can't go back in the app

An easier alternative for the developer would be to throw me back exactly where I came from once I'm done listening to a podcast. That would be helpful.

Anyway, thank you again and a brilliant app!!!

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The app playlist episodes in the order of your playlist.
If you sort episodes by publication date, the app will automatically skip to episode 46 after 45 ends
Feel free to send me an email if you have any question (Settings/Feedback/Email)


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