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    For now you can either Long press on the player Next episode button to skip to the next episode while handling the current one as if it was fully listened to OR you can use the skip outro setting.

    This setting allows you to set the number of seconds that will automatically be skipped at the end of the episode.

    However sometimes the end credits can be shorter than usual or even missing and using skip outro would still skip the last XX seconds of the app.
    To avoid this I plan to add an extra setting that if enabled would only trigger the skip outro if the Skip forward button is pressed at least once with the last XX seconds of the file (where XX seconds is the selected value for skip outro)

    For example with this enabled and skip outro set to 5 minutes, the app will only…

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    Marten van Wezel commented  · 

    It seems to me that there are at least 2 types of people using your app:

    1/ people who want to tightly control their experience - configuring the exact length of the 'outro' falls under this, and your amazing configurability is part of it.

    2/ More casual 'clicking around with minimal config and having a mostly smooth experience'.

    While I'm an engineer and product manager I'm more #2 here, so I'm happy with something that mostly works ('consider 95% as done') and compensate for the occasional failure. Fully aware I might well have a better experience if I really measure how long the outro runs once, or remember to press-to-hold next a bit more.

    Either way I think your solution is a nice step, if you're still not philosophically onboard with the 'fuzzy logic' of specifying a percentage, I'd love for you to consider also making the 'back button' a signal to consider it fully listened, since that way it'd effectively be a slightly less flexible way than a percentage.

    Thank you!

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