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    The next couple of versions will focus in getting reed of any existing issue, then I will resume working on this feature.
    I may have found a solution to handle the charge necessary and which might not cost too much.

    Once a first beta with basic subscription syncing is available I will study the impact on the servers (and the cost), then I will add more syncing step by step, in order to sync the read status, favorite flag, playback progress, …
    Hopefully I’ll be able to add this feature in the free version

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    I'm here to say what the rest have said, i enjoy this app the most but without cross sync for my android devices it becomes a deal breaker.

    I shouldn't have to start all my podcasts on my phone when i might be using my tablet later for work while i listen, let us sync please. I know features take time but this is 5 years now.

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